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17 October 2007 - Latest update 2 November 2010

The French Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainability and Sea (French acronym = MEDDM), and its representative, the CERTU (Transport and Planning Research Center) provide a free software tool based on the ACTIF method and model that can be easily downloaded. It is called OSCAR tool (simplified tool to create an architecture, French acronym OSCAR) and answers initial questions raised during preliminary studies :

•what type of service is to be implemented?

•what is the functional scope (what functions are to be carried out? What are the requirements)?

•which bodies and organizations are interested?

•what is their function ?

•what types of organization may be implemented at a later stage ?

You may also refer to different studies reports presenting how the OSCAR tool was used (see “Applications”).

This software and the user manual can be downloaded here:

  • <a href=
    target=_blank>Oscar V4 (zip ormat zip, 16 Mo)

Unzip the file, then click on the ".exe" file to install OSCAR and the user manual.


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Zip - 388.1 kb