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23 August 2010 - Latest update 25 March 2011

Partners of the ACTIF project
Ministry of Ecology, Energy, Sustainability and Sea Project owner
CERTU Project owner
JB Conseils Associated experts
OBS Associated experts
Norsys Associated experts
Setec ITS Associated experts
AQL Associated experts
Cofiroute Contracting owner/Domain Study
ISIS Associated experts
AFT-IFTIM Member of the technical committee
LCPC Member of the technical committee
SETRA Member of the technical committee
ASFA Member of the technical committee
ITS France and ATEC and ITS France are your partners to develop techniques for transportation, environment, and traffic in France.
Intelligent Transport Systems Site The French Ministry site dedicated on ITS
Other projects aiming at helping with the design of interoperable transportation systems
European frame
Italian frame
Japanese frame Japanese ITS frame

Presents in english the main results

of the Japanese ITS Frame

American frame
Canadian frame
River Information Services European project about the roll-out of fluvial information services and their interoperability
MARitime Navigation Information System European project about the maritime information services and their interoperability
AFNOR The French organism for standardization._Presents its activities and an online catalog.
ISO Worldwide standards.

The technical committees of the ISO are listed.

CEN European standards

Keep updated works of the CEN technical committee in charge of transportation telematics.


A website describing the work about European standards for exchanging road traffic information

ITS organisms and associations
ERTICO European association for the development of Intelligent Transportation Systems
_Presents current projects and activities
ITS Australia Official websites of intelligent transportation in Australia
ITS America

The American website about the federal program for intelligent transportation._Presents a link towards webpages dedicated to ITS France (version 3.0 online)

ITS United-States This website proposes online educational programs, as well as training manuals about the ITS program.
ITS America Library This website offers hundreds of documents and a search engine : a great source of information !
ITS Canada
INRETS The website of the public French Research Institute in transportation presents the activities of the LIVIC and GRETIA departments, as well as numerous links.
PREDIT Le site du programme national de recherches pour les transports est régulièrement mis à jour
ITS NAWGITS ITS NAWGITS in the United-States
Berkeley University <a href=
itsdecision_resources/architecture.html target=_blank >
Urban traffic regulation A long list of links, and a complete bibliography about intelligent transportation._Urban traffic regulation (Great-Britain)
AIPCR A british project where questions about frame are highlighted. This international association recently published a guide on intelligent transportation systems.