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Who are we

17 October 2007 - Latest update 21 July 2010

The assistance for the design of interoperable transport in France, known as ACTIF, is a project of the Ministry of Energy, Ecology, Sustainability and Sea. It is run by:

The Intelligent Transport Office, contracting owner:
- Jean-François JANIN: head of the ITS office and the Steering Committee chairman
- Eric LOUETTE: expert in the field of freight and fleets
- Roger LAMBERT: multimodal information and financing

The CERTU, assistant to the contracting owner:
- Yannick DENIS: project manager

CETE Nord-Picardie, technical manager:
- Thomas DURLIN: architect

Orange Consulting, architect and contracting owner:
- Christophe CARRY

JB Conseils, training and webmastering:

- Emilie N’GUESSAN
- Nadège SALVERT
- Philippe DARDOISE

NORSYS and SETEC-ITS, functional studies:
- Thierry SOLER
- Frédéric NARDUZZI

The ministry’s network of experts representing various professions:

- Isabelle TALABARD, electronic ticketing
- Alexis BACELAR, emergency services
- Christophe DESNOUAILLES, transport infrastructure maagement
- François RAMBAUD, public transport
- Patrick GENDRE, multimodal information and mobility management
- Jean-Michel SERRIER, regulation enforcement

Other experts from the public and private sector have also regularly intervened within applications of the ACTIF project or in the development of the model or tools.